I wish I could go back and tell myself where I’d end up “going”. If I could, this is what I’d say.

You’ll let go of the anxiety of a “last days” mentality, and realize that although there are terrible people (as there have been all throughout history), overall, the world is getting better.

Yes, you’ll lose some friends. But, you’ll also find out how many people love you just because you’re YOU, and unconditional love is a beautiful thing. Not only that, but once you realize that the group you were born into doesn’t have a special claim on truth, you’ll feel more connected to humanity as a whole.

“Faith” and “grace” will take on completely new meanings, and you’ll finally learn that YOU ARE ENOUGH.  You’ve tried to tell yourself that for years, but through this awakening, you’ll actually come to feel and believe it.

Don’t get me wrong, it is extremely hard…but the peace that comes from being honest about what you think, feel, and believe will be worth it. I promise.


Hannah in Phoenix

These are stories of health and happiness outside the Mormon church.

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I was ushered out of the church 30 some odd years ago when I came out at Ricks (BYU Idaho). I wasn't ex'd, I was just no longer Mormon. I floundered for a very long time, because back then there wasn't a network as there is now. Over the years I have found love and...