I have nothing but fond experiences growing up in the church. I grew up in a family that loves the church deeply. I was so grateful for it! It wasn’t until after I got married in the temple at 19, that certain things didn’t feel as right or at home like they had used to. Those feelings never went away, even with the distractions of having children. I felt guilt as a parent and major inadequacy as a member.
In 2013, after doing months of my own research, I decided I couldn’t believe it anymore. There was just too much. It was one thing after another and it all just fell. I felt betrayed but also relieved. During that time I became close to friends that identified as gay. I had a hard time believing any God that I wanted to believe in, would create someone a certain way and then tell them that it was wrong. I knew that I didn’t fit anymore. The church was no longer a positive thing for the person I wanted to be.

One thing I love about the church is the people. I love my Mormon extended family and members I grew up with. I loved having that community and I feared losing it. Then I found an amazing group of people in my area that were all having the same feelings. It created a fast bond and some have become family.
These last 3 years have been so hard, so painful, and so damn rewarding. I feel more me than I ever have.
Which is both awesome, and let’s be honest..sometimes sorta crappy.
But it’s me and I kinda like me.
To the man asking where I went: I went where that one girl Salena is 🙂


Salena in AZ