I have been out of the church almost 6 years. I was 38 when my family and I left. Even if it was scary at first, truthfully, I have found joy, happiness, gratitude, and power. All of which has come from within myself after leaving the church.
In growing up, and living within the confines of an institution that dictates what “perfection” looks like, acts like and how to become the “perfected saint”… what I have found is that every person I come into contact, every person I know and meet, however they look, however they act, however their attraction to others persuade them, in that very moment, whomever that human is…is perfection.

I have found that the relationships I have now are perfection because we live, love and see each other in our truest identity, whatever that may be at the moment.
I have found joy in the ever evolving perfection that is my marriage.
I have found happiness in seeing my children decide who they are and where they will go as directed by their own light inside of them.
I have found gratitude for the perfection I find in every moment I live outside of the walls of the “restored church”.
I have found power that is within myself that creates all the perfection I come into contact each day.
So, where will I go? I will go where the light that is in me directs because therein lies joy, happiness, gratitude, and power.

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These are stories of health and happiness outside the Mormon church.

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