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If you would like to submit a profile to appear on this site, you can upload a photo and fill in the form below with your personal response to the question “Where will you go?”

If you wish to remain anonymous, submit a photo you’ve taken out in nature or something related to a new passion of yours that you’ve discovered since your disaffection.

Please be thoughtful and concise in your writing, trying to keep it under 200 words. Focus on good things you have noticed or experienced since transitioning out of the church.

Consider including the following:

  • A bit of background information about yourself.
  • How long you were/have been a member of the church and other information about your beliefs or participation in Mormonism.
  • If you left the church, how long it has been since you stopped going.
  • Anything related to new self discovery; new passions, realizations, etc.
  • Consider addressing another question posed in Ballard’s talk: “To whom shall you go?”  In other words, what new friends or communities have you found and what do they mean to you?

All submissions will be reviewed before being published and may be edited for length (you will be able to approve any edits). There is no guarantee your profile will be posted to the site. To minimize the chance that your submission will be changed or excluded, please avoid sarcasm, satire, and any negative comments towards the church.


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