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When you see others post their story of bravery on Facebook or Twitter, please show your support by liking it. If you know the poster, please comment and thank them for sharing. This is a scary and vulnerable moment for some, and no one should have to do it alone.

The goal is to get these profiles in the public eye to highlight our triumphs, and to offer a counter argument to the fear we’ve all shared:

“I can’t imagine a life outside the church. I don’t know what I would do!”

We hope that as more of these profiles are shared and commented on, more people will feel inspired to share their story, and soon everyone will know someone who is doing just fine.  If we work together we can end the loneliness, and who knows, maybe save a marriage, a friendship, or a life in the process.


The funds from donations will cover the cost of ongoing web design, hosting fees, and marketing efforts for If you are able, a small monthly subscription would go a long way in ensuring the continued visibility of these profiles.