The world is richer and fuller than you can possibly imagine. Culture, food, and whatever you feel you need to experience it is yours and no one elses. Go out of your comfort zone. Leaving has opened a whole possibility and discovery of beauty you will miss if you blink. Expand your thinking and horizons, step out of the box the church has tried to fit you into. You are an individual and beautiful the way you are. I left the church because the mother of my children had the courage to support Kate Kelly and showed me the research. We began digging and digging and like an onion peeled away the layers of excuses, lies, and abuse. The churches own history is why we left and are finding happiness. Our children will grown with truth and the skills to discern right from wrong. They will explore and grow without the weight to conform crushing their souls. People are meant to be free to have an equal shot at life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We have gone to a place where we can give our children the best shot at it.


Joe in Gilbert