I am from a generational chain of devoted believers. My parents have passed. My sibling’s lives are immersed in devout belief and service. They are intelligent doers. The church is their promise and passion.

In 1967 I found out about doctrinal bigotry and the consequences of dark skin or inherited blood. I felt sick to my stomach, cold. I was 10 years old.
In wanderings, musings, askings, pleadings, God, this heavenly father, remained silent through the years. I was dying little by little with debilitating depression. No heavenly assurance, no peace. All exhausting pleadings ending in extended dispairing.
I worked hard for mental health. I was living little by little. Mental health did not mix with Mormonism. I left breaking free from a box and a checklist. I left while finding good boundaries. I left while finding personal values. I shed the itchy pulpit phrases, “We must, we must. We should, we should.”
Where am I going? To life, to abundance, to my own heart and inspiration. I am going into courage and messiness and the wholeness of imperfection. I am leaving busyness behind to value serenity. I’ll dance, profane, be angry, and sing.

L in UT

These are stories of health and happiness outside the Mormon church.

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The Simple Life

At the age of 9 I was baptized into the Mormon Church with the rest of my family after having met with missionaries. I was an on again off again member for a while until 2001 when my family and I were sealed together in the Salt Lake Temple. From there I was a fully...

Those who wander are not always lost

In response to "where will you go?" I say, "those who wander are not always lost," and there is "joy in the journey." The first part is a popular quote from J.R.R. Tolkien, the second part is from the 1998 EFY theme and together they sum up what my spiritual journey...

I can finally enjoy life

I left the LDS church 7 years ago. In that time I have become my genuine self, made lasting and beautiful friendships with people who love me unconditionally, gotten married to the love of my life, and had a gorgeous and healthy child. I don't judge others as harshly...

Towards Love, Authenticity, and a Genuine Daily Life

10 years ago as a gay, newly divorced father of four and former Mormon, where I would go and what I would do was indeed the looming question. A lifetime of seminary, sunday school, priesthood, mission, BYU and church leadership had me imagining myself at best as a...

I will find happiness

The Mormon church has been apart of my family for generations and I would say it is still a part of my culture. I learned a lot of things from being an active member, a bishop’s daughter, and a youth leader. I learned to how to be confident speaking in front of a...

Losing my religion wasn’t the end

The Mormon faith has always been a strong influence in my life and upbringing. However at a young age, I chose to become inactive. I was a very confused young adult with a lot of questions. The answer I was given: to pray... which I did but I still felt very unsure...