I was raised LDS and for 40 years I was very happy and completely committed, doing everything a good Latter Day Saint girl should do.

In October 2012 after general conference I started to question some of the things that the brethren had said in their talks. This led me down a road that had me question everything I’d ever believed in. The next 6 months were very difficult as everything I’d ever believed in started to crumble. I didn’t know what to believe. I didn’t know who I was. I’d have panic attacks walking into the chapel. I slowly became less active at church attending only once every 6 weeks or so.

For 3 years I tried so hard to stay and make it work and then November 2015 the policy was leaked and I knew that that was it. I couldn’t make it work anymore and decided to give up trying.

I was almost ready to give up on religion completely but before I did I decided to give Community of Christ a try.

The next Sunday I cautiously walked into my nearest Community of Christ chapel and before the first hymn was over I knew my soul had found its new home. I was overwhelmed with a sense of peace, love and acceptance. The members there have made me feel so welcome. This weekend after almost a year of attending I will be confirmed a member of Community of Christ.

The future is exciting and I’ve never been happier!

Alison in England

These are stories of health and happiness outside the Mormon church.

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